22769 (bauwerk) – The Tudors

The Mens Department at 22769 opened on March 5th and to celebrate, the Corduroy Armchair UK.  I love this chair, I’ve decided to put one in every room of my house and studio!  Visit the Mens Department here.

22769 - Corduroy Armchair UK_001


About THE CHALLENGE:  A bunch of builders got together and came up with the idea that it would be interesting to challenge each other to design and build in styles that people would like to see.  After a poll was taking on Plurk, a list was made and a theme was randonly chosen.  The idea behind this is to craft something according to the theme within one month and to release it in the store on the last day of the month. And the idea behind the challenge (thinking outside the box, showing versatile building styles, embrace a theme) became interesting for other home and furniture merchants also.  So for the first round the theme is TUDOR and the items became released 28 February 2013. 22769 went with the Tudor Room Skybox and the Tudor Bench.  Visit the flagship store to see the Tudor styles!

22769 - Tudor Room Skybox_001 22769 - Tudor Room Skybox_003 22769 - Tudor Room Skybox_004 22769 - Tudor Bench_001 22769 - Tudor Bench_002

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