22769 – CINEMA Event Part 2

Like the big screen? Then THIS is YOUR event. CINEMA is a fair where us merchants got a theme to craft some new items around. And we got Action/Adventure. So we made up our mind and came up with a typical Adventure Flick and of course with the matching clothing for it.  The items for CINEMA are exclusive available at the venue during the event and will come to the 22769 flagship store afterwards. CINEMA starts 13th October 2012 and ends 31st October.

22769 ‘s offerings for the CINEMA event are absolutely fantastic. The CINEMA Cobra Queen Dress in Purple, paired with the CINEMA Cobra Queen Snake and Freebie Makeup and the Cobra Queen head wrap in purple are to die for.


Dress: 22769 | CINEMA Cobra Queen Dress in Purple
Makeup: 22769 | CINEMA  Freebie Makeup
Head: 22769 |  Cobra Queen head wrap in purple
Shape: Belissima Shapes | Tara | Normal 1
Pose:  Glitterati
Props: 22769 | CINEMA Cobra Queen Snake

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