50 Shades of Sexy – Week 6 – Intoxicate Me

50 Shades of Sexy

Inspired by Juicybomb’s 12 Days of Lingerie, Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog brings you:


Toss out the 50 Shades of Grey book, peeps, and lets bring something sexier to the table. Christian Grey can’t hold a candle to the smoking hotness we’re about to unleash.

So here’s how it works. Beginning the week of January 13th, and for the next 50 weeks, we will provide you with a wantonly sexy prompt; a word, a phrase, or a lyric. From there, we rely on your smoldering appeal to create and blog the look that you feel best fits the prompt. Then post your photos to the 50 Shades of Sexy Flickr Group!

One seductive photo a week for 50 weeks. Are you woman (or man) enough to take this on? Can you handle it?


Intoxicate me.  The first thoughts that came to mind are waiting, preparing, fussing, primping and the anticipation of being intoxicated.

The phone ringing on a bright morning.  “I’ll be over after work” he says with a smirk in his voice.  “Be ready, oh and wear something that sizzles!”  She is unable to answer as the air has left her lungs.  She becomes frazzled, simply flustered from the call and the thoughts of his arrival.  She is intoxicate with the memory of him and the prospect of his touch.  It’s been too long, she thinks, far too long.

50 Shades of Sexy - Week 6_003Is this the outfit to wear?  She isn’t sure.  Is it too much?  Is it not enough?

50 Shades of Sexy - Week 6_004Should I wear my hair up or down?  Should I put on a robe?  What if he isn’t thinking what I’m thinking?  Heals!  Heals are required!

50 Shades of Sexy - Week 6_005How should I greet him?  Should I sit on the edge of the bed or kneel with the desire obvious across my body and in my eyes?

50 Shades of Sexy - Week 6_006This is too much for a simple silly blonde girl to handle!  The intoxication has exhausted her.  Maybe if I just lay here for a bit, it will be alright, she thinks to herself.

50 Shades of Sexy - Week 6_007Out like a light, the preparation has become to great.

50 Shades of Sexy - Week 6_007bThank goodness he has a key.  He chuckles and shakes his head, now how to wake the sleeping beauty?  Simply intoxicating, she certainly is.

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