52 Weeks of Colour Challenge – Week Eleven: Aquamarine

Week Eleven – Aquamarine

March 11 – March 17


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  1. Ayako Firecaster says:

    So many great looks! I am in awe of you creating so many cute styles when I have difficulty with just one.

  2. Tigist Sapphire says:

    Inventory from hell doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve got around 70K items right now, and that’s before I’ve started unboxing the twisted hunt stuff. I’ve brought it down to 50K once, but magically up up and away it went again.

  3. Tigist Sapphire says:

    The shawl was from Grumble (Womens Teal Pashmina). I bought the whole set quite a while ago. I think they had 4 or 5 colours. The dress believe it or not, is also from Grumble (Classic Gown Aqua). I have quite an extensive wardrobe, so all of my color challenge submission outfits come out of my inventory. I’m sadly right now on a “purchasing hiatus” until I can clean my inventory up a bit *giggles*.

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