52 Weeks of Colour Challenge – Week Fifteen: Seashell Peach


I’ve been asked a lot lately how I can manage to do so many pics, when others struggle to do just one or two.  The answers to these questions are pretty simple.  This is what I do in Second Life.  Other people spend time in clubs, or shopping or even socializing.  I don’t really do any of those things, I simply spend time in my studio or out on other sims taking pictures.  When I visit other sims, it’s not uncommon for me to come back with 50-60 photos.  My hard drive is full of images that I may or may not use at sometime.  How can I find so many outfits in the theme colour?  I’ve only purchased a few items specifically for the color challenge, most everything comes directly out of my enormous inventory.  I’m a pack rat, I admit it.  When the color is announced, I generally start looking through my outfits to see what will fit the theme.  Since I am a prolific collector, I always have outfits that will at least come close.  On Tuesday, I run through the 25L  sales and sometimes stumble upon an outfit of the right color.  If I like the style, I buy it and then it gets added to the “needing photos” folder.  Then it’s time to start taking the photos.  When I settle on an outfit, I take a lot of photos of it, various poses, locations etc.  I edit each photo after I’m comfortable I have enough shots, then rinse and repeat.  Honestly, I never know how many shots I’ll have for the color challenge when I begin, it all depends how many outfits I find.  Sometimes 10, sometimes 40.  A lot of the time, I’m not happy with all of my creations, the lighting wasn’t right, the colour isn’t exactly how I would want it, but I force myself to post all that I complete because they were created specifically for the challenge.

I love the color challenge, I love looking at how others interpret the colours, I love how creative people can be, and I love how it’s given me a concrete outlet for my creations.  I’ve met some pretty amazing and talented people through Luna’s little adventure.  I’m so glad I am now part of the “blog stalkers club”, waiting for midnight to roll around so I can post my contribution to the challenge.  Week 15 and counting!

If you pop through my page, you’ll notice I do a lot of pictures during an average week.  This is just simply, what I love to do 🙂

Week Fifteen: Seashell Peach

April 8 – April 14



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  1. Ayako Firecaster says:

    As many pics as I take I usually end up tossing most out in search of just one or two but I love that you have so many versatile looks! Great job Tig!

  2. I do struggle to do one pic most weeks, but I have a hectic RL schedule so my time online is limited, but I still love hearing about how you accomplish so much and I always adore seeing the looks you come up with each week 🙂

  3. nice to read how you do your amazing work….and the best part is that it is what you love to do :)..i think this one has the most pictures i saw from you greetings Nicandra

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