52 Weeks of Colour Challenge – Week Fourteen: Royal Purple

Week Fourteen: Royal Purple

April 1 – April 7


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  1. LOL at the one horned, one eyed, flying purple people eater – I still have the toy one of those I had as a kid, you have to rescue the little people from under its tongue without waking it up and making it buzz. I used to wear it on my head and go RARR at people. Guess some things just don’t change 😉

    Another dazzling burst of super photos, I particularly like the dresses in #25 and #36. Love you being a genie of the lamp in #11 and the triple shot in #30 is clever, a great composition.

  2. Tigist Sapphire says:

    Hehe they were done by me. I saved them in a different location and completely forgot about them *giggles*.

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