A Clockwork Spiral 2014 – 22769 ~[bauwerk]


A Clockwork Spiral is a shopping and music event featuring steampunk, steamgoth, dieselpunk, dieselgoth and dark Victoriana in Second Life to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

It will be held September 15th – October 1st, 2014 on Cursed.  (It should be noted that Cursed is an Adult rated sim.) The Spiral opens at NOON on September 15th and closes at MIDNIGHT October 1st.  Both times are Pacific Time (SLT).

The Spiral hosts 40 merchants bringing in their interpretations of the theme for the visitors to shop while enjoying the atmosphere and the music of the event. As always, Club Gothika’s Mobile Unit will be present in the event area and will be the heart of the music events.

More information at: https://aclockworkspiral.wordpress.com/

From 22769 ~[bauwerk] comes some of my all time favourite furniture ever released in SL.  There are 12 pieces available at the event and I only wish my images could display how amazing these pieces are.  Pop down to the event and check them out!  You certainly will not be disappointed.  All are available at A Clockwork Spiral!

ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Industrial Floor Lamp ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Spine Light ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Steam Powered Pouf ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - The Vintage Chesterfield ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Trunk Table ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Tufted Armchair ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Violin Nook ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - A Clockwork Side Table ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Around the World in one Day Rug ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Clef ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Grammophon ACS - 22769 ~[bauwerk] - Hatstand

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