A Tattered Page (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea) – .Luminary.

atp3_768x1024_poster“Ah, brave Ned!  I ask no more than to live a hundred years longer, that I may have more time to dwell the longer on your memory”

From .Luminary. comes the positively exquisite Narwhal Earrings.  Masterfully crafted and beautiful textured, these earrings are a must have for your wardrobe! ATP - Luminary - Narwhal Earrings_001 ATP - Luminary - Narwhal Earrings_002


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | ::: Tilda skin ::: Exquisite [Ivory]
Shape: Deluxe Body Factory | Momo Shape
Hair: Truth | Sally
Jewelry: .Luminary. | As Listed Above | Available A Tattered Page – 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

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