~Blacklace~ – Promise

Yes, yes, I’ve been a bit slow this past few weeks, but I hope to at least get a few more of my favourite hunt items photographed and posted.  Wait, I think I’ve said that already.  Ok, enough procrastinating.

The sixth entry for the Taste of Second Life 2nd Birthday Hunt is from ~Blacklace~.  I’m not normally a fan of lingerie as I have very little reason to wear it, but upon unpacking it, it’s quickly become one of my favourites.  Not only is it incredibly cute, but it comes with quite a few mix and match options (white and black stockings, do I need to stay more) and the attention to detail is incredible.  The tiny pink bows on the front and back of the legs made me giggle like a school girl as I was putting it on, and while it’s incredibly sexy, it’s also sweet and feminine.  Overall, fantastic!

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