Bubblegum Alley Round Two – {DemDoe}

So this post might seem a bit strange for my regular readers, but I think it might be pretty fun.  If you haven’t heard of the Bubblegum Alley event, you’re missing out.  BubbleGum Alley is Second Life’s newest Kid and Family oriented event! 16 amazing designers bringing all new exclusive items created especially for the  premier!  If you’re interested in finding out more about the event, visit http://freebirdsl.wordpress.com/bubblegum-alley/ 

Bubblegum Alley Round 2It’s cold outside, and the best thing to combat the cold is a sweater and some ear muffs.  That’s why the fine folks at {DemDoe} are offering the Lil Giraffe Sweater, the Lil Kitten Jumper and the Lil Lion Sweater.  In addition, they are also offering the Lil Muffs Ear Muffs; Bug-a-Boo Bubblegum, Bug-a-Boo Sea Kiwi, Bug-a-Boo Vintage Dream, and two rare seasonal ear muff sets.  Don’t miss out, or else you could get cold and catch a cold and then Santa won’t come (everybody knows Santa is afraid of germs!)

DemDoe - Bubblegum Alley -  Lil Muffs SeasonalRares DemDoe - Bubblegum Alley - Lil Giraffe Sweater & Lil Muffs (Bug-a-boo Bubblegum)DemDoe - Bubblegum Alley - Lil Lion Sweaterr & Lil Muffs (Bug-a-boo Vintage Dream) DemDoe - Bubblegum Alley - Lil Kitten Jumper & Lil Muffs (Bug-a-boo Sea Kiwi)



Skin: Gala Phoenix (Curio) | Acorn Frex (Light) | Party Girl – Midnight 1
Shape: ToddleeDoo | Kid | Girl
Hair:  D!va | Giz | Type A | Moonstone
Clothing: {DemDoe} | As Listed Above | Available at Bubblegum Alley
Ear Muffs: {DemDoe} | As Listed Above | Available at Bubblegum Alley
Poses: !bang

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