Designer Circle 91 – ::JK Style::

designercircle :: Designer Circle ::. is a unique store in Second Life since 2010, that offers limited-time deals on two items from each participating designer. With prices that are at or below L$100, there are many bargains to find — but you’ll need to act quick!

I adore designers that put together complete outfits for events.  The reason why is I love to see what the designer envisioned for a given outfit and see if I would put it together the same.   That’s why I always get a little bit excited when I see any offering from ::JK Style::.  For Designer Circle 91, Chantal, Presley and Trudee are all available and all three are simply stunning.  Chantal is a cropped long sleeve top, which comes in 5 sizes and includes a texture options hud allowing for 8 colours, a pair of cropped pencil pants (also available in 5 sizes) and a pair of SLINK heels.

DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_003 DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_002 DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_001 DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_008 DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_007 DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_006 DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_005 DC91 - JK Style - Chantal_004Next up comes the Presley outfit, which features an off-shoulder cross front dress.  Available in 5 sizes and comes with a colour options hud allowing for 6 colours, open toe, ankle strap heels for SLINK and an iron clutch in black.

DC91 - JK Style - Presley_002 DC91 - JK Style - Presley_003 DC91 - JK Style - Presley_004 DC91 - JK Style - Presley_005 DC91 - JK Style - Presley_006 DC91 - JK Style - Presley_001And last, but not least, the Trudee outfit.  This outfit features an open cardigan sweater (5 sizes), tube top, cuffed pants and ballet SLINK flats.  The cardigan comes with texture option hud allowing for 5 colours, while the tube top comes with a similar hud allowing for 4 colours.

DC91 - JK Style - Trudee_005 DC91 - JK Style - Trudee_001 DC91 - JK Style - Trudee_002 DC91 - JK Style - Trudee_003 DC91 - JK Style - Trudee_004


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Momo skin : Ash : Face #4 | Available at Cure-con
Shape: Anna Shapes | Tifany | Available at Designer Circle 91
Hair: D!va | Astralia | Cat’s Eye
Nails: JaM | Stars | Available at Designer Circle 91
Outfits: ::JK Style:: | As Listed Above |  Available at Designer Circle 91
Hands & Feet: SLINK
Poses: !bang

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