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FairplayFair Play presents El Mundo, an ancient game of the 13st century that features four sections of a circle representing the seasons. This board game can be played by four players as each player has to decide between one season or element. It’s all part of the latest round of Fair Play, a permanent fantasy fair that features daily releases. Fair Play is a kind of different fair group and organizes permanent fantasy fairs with designs, inspired by games.  Fair Play stands for regularly exchange and wanna spread the visitor crush.  Every day is a bit different!  The creators update regularly their spots and publish new releases, this guarantees a good and continuous flux and enough excitement.

From Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions comes the absolutely amazing Xiao Costume.  Xiao, an exclusive complete costume for Fair Play and is meant to evoke the feeling of a beautiful empress of the ancient orient. The costume comes with a gorgeous gilded poppy-patterned dress in 5 standard sizes, stunning part mesh headpiece, matching mesh necklace, mesh forehead ornament, unrigged mesh boots, and the perfect hair for the headdress. Part mesh and flexi attachments are included for graceful and natural movement. A complimentary optional Asian shape also comes with the package as a gift (a natural-looking shape which fits most Small standard sizing). All items are copy and mod or resize-scripted and is available in 5 colours at the event.

Fair Play - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - Xiao in Red_001 Fair Play - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - Xiao in Red_002 Fair Play - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - Xiao in Teal_001 Fair Play - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - Xiao in Teal_002


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Kaylee Skin | Ivory

Complete Outfit: Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions | Xiao | Available at Fair Play
Hands & Feet: SLINK
Poses: Signature Pose | Muren

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