Fun with Duchess

Sometimes we all need to do something fun, so when the lovely Ms. Duchess Flux asked if I’d be interested in doing a joint blog, I screamed YES YES and again YES.  When I arrived to her studio, I saw stripper poles and a burlesque scene and was asked if I had anything “racy” to wear.  I look over and see Duchess dressed very seductively and also Emylia Bernstein of pause looking like a million dollars!  What to wear?  I don’t think I have anything that’s sexy!  What is sexy?  Then I realized, sexy is in the eye of the beholder!  So off I went and threw on something that was seductively cute.  Ahh well, at least I tried.

I had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot and I encourage all bloggers to step outside their boxes and try doing joint posts.  Blogging can sometimes be very lonely, we sometimes don’t leave our studios for weeks, and not communicate with others that share our passion.  The blogging community in Second Life is large, and can be a great source of support if only you let the support happen.  The best way to do this is to meet and interact with your fellow bloggers.  Never know, you might learn something or even find the most amazing group of supportive friends.

So I’m not listing the credits for this pictures, simply because I’m lazy and I know that Duchess did it on her blog.  So don’t be lazy like me and go visit Threads and Tuneage.

fun with Duchess_001 fun with Duchess_002 fun with Duchess_003 fun with Duchess_004

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