Horrorfest 2013 – Sugar & Cyanide

HFEST-ADHorrorfest 2013 is a fortnight long horror themed event that runs from October 18th through to November 8th.  The event showcases  all that is on the dark side of SL. It will feature all sorts of good stuff, a hunt, burlesque dancers, DJ events, and much much more.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of exclusive items created solely for Horrorfest will go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project and you may track the donation levels in real-time by clicking here.  To learn more about Epilepsy please click here to visit the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

I’ve always been a horror buff.  Horror movies, horror games and of course horror books.  As one that questions things that probably should never be questioned, I often wondered why these games, books and movies never had a female killer.  You know what I mean, why was there no female Jason, no female Freddie, or better yet no female Michael.  Well, the Good Girl outfit from Sugar & Cyanide allows me to see what it might be like to have a female character that people should run from.  The outfit comes in two options, bloody and non, and includes all the appliers one might need.  Be afraid!

Sugar & Cyanide - Horrorfest - Good Girl_001 Sugar & Cyanide - Horrorfest - Good Girl_002 Sugar & Cyanide - Horrorfest - Good Girl_003


Skin:  Dulce Secrets | Tierre | Bisque Bare (v) | Available at the Bitacora Travel Fair
Shape: Anna Shapes | Ivy
Hair:  Elikatira | Youth | Sterling Charred
Outfits:  Sugar & Cyanide | As Listed Above | Available at Horrorfest 2013
Poses: !bang


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