Inspire Me: Week 1 – Monday


Inspire Me: An [SL] Blogger Support Initiative


Have you ever had a day, a week or a month where you just couldn’t find the inspiration to get started on your next blog post? I’m pretty sure all of us have, at one time or another.

With that in mind, [SL] Blogger Support is bringing you a new source of inspiration; Inspire Me: An SL Blogger Support Initiative.  We will provide you with daily prompts, a week at a time, in order to encourage daily blogging, and/or to just get you over those days where nothing sparks your imagination.

This is not a challenge, although the idea is to blog daily. We simply want to provide our amazing Second Lilfe bloggers with a little inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing and the blog fires burning!

Our first list will be posted on Sunday, November 4th for next week’s prompts. We also encourage you to post your photos in the [SL] Blogger Support Flickr Group, so we can see your creativity in action!  Stay tuned for your first dash of inspiration!



Great idea isn’t it?  That Shiloh is always full of….great ideas *giggles*.  Ok so today’s theme is Unforgettable Quotes.  A little tidbit that few know about me is, I love Shakespeare.  I literally took 8 different classes on Shakespeare in University and to this day when I need a pick me up I’ll read a sonnet or pick up my dog eared copy of Macbeth.  Hence, my inspirational quote comes from the English Bard himself, a selection from A Midsummer Night’s dream.  This has been my mantra for many years, it’s something I live by.


Prop:  Intrigue Co. | Skunk PJs Female
Pose: Glitterati

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