Jinx – Hepburn, Victoria Wiccan & Moo Moo

I always get a little bit excited when I see something in my inventory from Jinx.  I particularly needed a bit of excitement today, so it’s with absolute pleasure I present the Hepburn Dress in Monos, the Victoria Wiccan Outfit and the Moo Moo Outfit.  The Hepburn Dress in Monos features rigged mesh dress in 5 standard sizes, mesh broach and hud allowing for 6 different texture styles.  The Victoria Wiccan Outfit includes rigged mesh corset, skirt and collar in 5 standard mesh sizes, and is sexy and seductive.  Last but not least comes the totally fun Moo Moo Outfit, which includes rigged mesh sweater dress in standard mesh sizing and rigged mesh boots in 5 sizes.

Jinx - Hepburn - Monos_001 Jinx - Hepburn - Monos_002 Jinx - Hepburn - Monos_003 Jinx - Hepburn - Monos_004 Jinx - Hepburn - Monos_005 Jinx - Hepburn - Monos_006 Jinx - Victoria - Wiccan_001 Jinx - Victoria - Wiccan_002 Jinx - Moo Moo_001 Jinx - Moo Moo_002 Jinx - Moo Moo_003


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Miyo | Cream M1
Shape: Deluxe Body Factory | Miyo Shape
Hair: [INK] Hair | Who2 | Two Tone
Outfits: Jinx | As Listed Above
Hands & Feet: SLINK

Poses: Glitterati

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