Kanou – Sofia Special Edition & Zuri Rayna Jewelery – Tennis Set

Kanou has crafted a special edition version of the Sofia dress, which comes in Blue/Copper, Pink/Gold, Red/Green and Turquoise/Pink.  I’ve always loved the Sofia dress, and these colours confirm my adoration.  Thew special and limited edition dresses are only available for the 70th round of Designers Circle.  The event runs from December 30th until January 11th, so don’t miss out!

Kanou - Softa LTE (Blue&Copper) - The Designers Circle Kanou - Softa LTE (Pink&Gold) - The Designers Circle Kanou - Softa LTE (Red&Green) - The Designers Circle Kanou - Softa LTE (Turguoise&Pink) - The Designers CircleIf you’re in the market for something exquisite to wear with your New Year’s outfit, or if you need to buy that special someone a gift, then look no further than Zuri Rayna Jewelery and the Tennis Set.  The set comes in 4 different tones (Black Diamond, Onyx Sparkle, Diamond – 14K Gold and Pink Diamond – 14K Gold) and includes earrings, tennis bracelet and tennis necklace.  Each set allows you to turn the bling on or off, reduce or increase the brightness, and comes complete with a re size menu to ensure the jewelery fits you perfectly.

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Zuri Rayna Jewelery - Tennis Set - Onyx Sparkle Zuri Rayna Jewelery - Tennis Set - Pink Diamond Zuri Rayna Jewelery - Tennis Set - Black Diamond Zuri Rayna Jewelery - Tennis Set - DiamondIf you’re in love with the skin and shape as much as I am, make sure to pop over to The Kollective and visit Deluxe Body Factory.  There you will find the Isabelle Shape and Isabelle Skin.  The skin is available in a blond and a brunette version, one sure to match your preference.  The Kollective runs from December 29th and until January 26th.


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Isabella Skin | Blond | Available at The Kollective
Shape: Deluxe Body Factory | Isabella Shape |  6’1″/1.87 m | Available at The Kollective
Dress: Kanou | Sofia Special Edition | Available at Designers Circle.
Jewelery:  Zuri Rayna Jewelery | Tennis Set
Hair: Truth | Josie | Mirage
Hands: SLINK
Nails: Finger Nails: {Wicked} Peach | Let it Snow
Poses:  !bang

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