Kudzu Homes – The Flint Family Home

Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve struck out on my own and made a home purchase.  Yes, it is a terrible time of year to purchase a home, but when you find the right place, you just know!


I unfortunately decided to go with a low budget mover, which means they actually dropped all of my boxes on my front lawn!  Can you fathom that?  Next time, I’ll be getting three strong men to do all the heavy lifting.

Kudzo Homes 2_001

Now let’s see who I can convince to help me move these boxes in!

Kudzo Homes 2_002

So much for friends helping out, I guess I’m on my own.

Kudzo Homes 3

Where to start?  There are so many boxes and so much stuff?  Maye I should begin with the kitchen?

Kudzo Homes4

Or just have something nice to eat on the desk?

Kudzo Homes 14

Or should I unpack the den?

Kudzo Homes 8

Or the main floor spare room?

Kudzo Homes8

Or one of the two amazing bathrooms?

Kudzo Homes 9Nope, there’s only one room to start with, the living room!

Kudzo Homes 10

Ok maybe the first thing I thought to do was find my Christmas spirit. I think I’m nearly there.

Kudzo Homes 11

Possibly make some Christmas cookies in the kitchen (see, I can be sort of domestic).

Kudzo Homes 15

All this “unpacking” really makes a girl tired *giggles*.  Maybe it’s time to dip upstairs and start unpacking the bedroom.  There’s one problem, I don’t know which room will be mine!  Left or right, left or right, such decisions!

Kudzo Homes 12Left it is, simply because right just doesn’t feel right.

Kudzo Homes 13

On second thought, no more unpacking for today.  Far too tired for that, plus maybe my friends will be able to help tomorrow…once the dog is washed.

Kudzu Homes

The Flint Family Home Information

274 prims
28 x 28
3 Bedrooms
2 Baths
Finished Attic w/2 Bonus Rooms
Furnished Mesh Kitchen
Mesh Windows and Doors -Mesh Viewer Needed

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