My name is Tiggy and I’m an addict

Ok, I admit it, I’m addicted to those stupid animal pictures that have captions under them. Yes, you know the ones I’m talking about.

Yep, those ones. Why am I addicted to these? I really have no idea. They simply make me giggle.

Sometimes, I sit in particularly boring meetings, and look for these pictures (I’m very good at multi-tasking, honest).

Sometimes, when someone in the meeting is being particularly serious, or is getting grilled (yelled at, freaked out on, thrown under the bus, thrown off the top of the tower, yah you get the picture) I do random searches and send them these pictures.  I then wait for the giggle or smile to cross their face.  This has yet to fail me.

Other times, I look for pictures that are depicting the moment or something someone has said during the meeting.  These are strategically sent to the “friendlies” around the table, as to ensure I keep my job.

There’s one particular person who seems to be the recipient of a lot of bus throwing lately.  She’s been receiving a lot of e-mails during our meetings.  Not sure who’s cornflakes she’s pissed in lately, but obviously it’s been a few people.  I hate to admit it, but I’m sometimes thankful that it’s her and not me.  Maybe that’s why she’s got an inbox full of kittens!

It seems that this activity has grown.  Others are doing searches for stupid animal pictures with captions under them during meetings.  Now, they’ve taken it a step further.  They look for pictures that look like others within the meeting.  This is something I never thought of, and don’t actually participate in, but I must admit, some have been quite amusing.

While others have been downright “bust a gut and have to leave the meeting’able”

I’ve actually witnessed one person have to get up and leave a meeting because she was laughing so hard at one of the pictures sent around.  Was it really that funny?  No. But she was having a particularly bad meeting.

Yes, we’re immature, yes we’re silly, but it certainly makes the meetings go by faster.  Especially when they are over 2 hours.  Ugh.

I’ve now taken to challenging people to find specific things.  Example, “Find me dog dressed up as a hamburger” (I thought this one would be tough, apparently not).

Or how about a cat filing paperwork? (Who’s office is truly paperless..)

So then I sort of got creative.  I wanted to see Cat’s synchronized swimming.  I figured, I have them stumped!  (Granted, they aren’t swimming, but I gave an E for effort on this one).

A dog having a bad hair day?  Yep, they came up with that one too!

A cat giving a kiss (they’re getting creative now)?

A cat in front of a beware of dog sign (seriously, they found it!)..

A kitty flexing?!?!

Kitties at Ikea?

In the end, I’ve decided to find a new work hobby.  I can’t stump them and in the end…

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