{Paradise Kiss}

Sometimes you stumble on the most incredibly cute stores, with the most talented designers.  This was recently my experience with {Paradise Kiss}.  The three items that I had the privilege of taking a sneak peak at were the Lace Dress, the Lilit Pants and the Valery Blouse.  Now, the Lilit Pants are a style I haven’t seen in Second Life, but I must admit are beyond fantastic!  The pants are colour changing via a hud, as well as giving you the ability to change the belt colour!  How incredibly cool is that?  The Valery Blouse is so modern and progressive, I just adore it.  The best part, the blouse comes in a tucked in and normal option, how often do you see that?  Then we get to the Lace Dress.  All I can say is, ladies don’t miss out on this little number.  The colours available are ultra bright and I literally giggled like a school girl when I put it on!  All I can say is, I’m completely expecting to see more and more designs and offerings by {Paradise Kiss}!  Yes, I’m gushing a bit, I really enjoyed the heck out of these clothes!

{Paradise Kiss} - Valery Blouse & Lilit Pants_003 {Paradise Kiss} - Valery Blouse & Lilit Pants_002 {Paradise Kiss} - Valery Blouse & Lilit Pants_001

{Paradise Kiss} - Lace Dress_001 {Paradise Kiss} - Lace Dress_004 {Paradise Kiss} - Lace Dress_003 {Paradise Kiss} - Lace Dress_002


Skin:  Lissee | Melina | Honey
Shape: WaxworX | Hannah Shape | by Siobhin Shippe 55
Makeup: Mock Cosmetics | Dark Kiss LipSmacker | Lip Darkening Creme
Hair: Elikatira | Melody | Brown 04
Clothes: {Paradise Kiss} | As listed Above
Shoes:  Mary Jane Shoes | Delusional Black Sole
Poses: Glitterati

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