[Sakide] – The Thrift Shop 3.0

The 3rd round of The Thrift Shop will run during the month of November, 2013!  The focus of this event is to bring a large variety of designers together in one spot to present a sample of their work. This event is open to all creators (fashion, skins, hair, accessories, furniture, poses, etc).  The event is run on a full sim with sale displays and gacha machines. This event houses about 150 designers all offering their products @ a 50% reduction in price PLUS, each store will be offering at least one new release.  For more information, visit http://depravednation.com/.

For The Thrift Shop 3.0, [Sakide] is offering three fantastic dresses; Jersey Simple Dress Dark, Jersey Simple Dress Light, Jersey Diamond Dress Dark and Jersey Diamond Dress Light.  Each dress comes with a colour changing hud to allow you to mix and match.  Additionally, each dress pack comes with a belt and non-belted option.  With the belted option, you can also mix and match your colour choices by changing the belt and dress colour separately.Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Dark1 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Dark2 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Dark3 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Dark4 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Dark5 Sakide - Jersey Simple Dress Dark1 Sakide - Jersey Simple Dress Dark2 Sakide - Jersey Simple Dress Dark3 Sakide - Jersey Simple Dress Dark4 Sakide - Jersey Simple Dress Light1 Sakide - Jersey Simple Dress Light2 Sakide - Jersey Simple Dress Light3 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Light1 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Light2 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Light3 Sakide - Jersey Diamond Dress Light4


Skin: FAKE  | Indis+Violet  | VIP Group Gift [November]
Shape: [WaxworX] | Hannah Shape | by Siobhin Shippe 55
Eyes: The Horror! | Obscuro | Mer
Hair:  Adoness | Andromeda | Available at The Thrift Shop 3.0
Dress: [Sakide] |As listed Above| Available at The Thrift Shop 3.0
Hands/Feet:  SLINK
Nails: Adoness | Queen Anne | The Thrift Shop 3.0
Poses: !bang

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