SL Disney Bound – Week Fourteen – Vanellope Von Schweetz

SL DisneyBound Blogger Challenge!
Who said we can’t make our favorite movies come to life? DisneyBound is a new trend that I’ve learned about earlier last year and is totally awe inspiring. Who said halloween can only be once a year? You could dress up like your favorite characters everyday if you wanted to! The thing with DisneyBound is it’s using real fashion and real items (Not costume items) to resemble a specific character! I enjoy doing this in RL so much that I really wanted to bring the trend to second life through a Blogger Challenge! This is my first formal blogger challenge and I’m excited about it so let’s see how it will go! Please also check out the original creator of DisneyBound at to get inspired!

The Rules.

1. Every week on Wednesday Night before midnight SLT I’ll post a new character to inspire your outfits on for the week. It is your job then to recreate the character as you see it, pulling the colors from the color palette of the chosen character to best resemble their look!

2. This challenge will go on for 26 weeks! Every week just comment THIS post with your blog and a fun perk will be sent to you! I want to do something special for all the bloggers that take part in this challenge so every blogger will receive a cute bracelet with verbiage pertaining to the character we are DisneyBounding as during that current week!

3. Don’t forget to join our FLICKR GROUP!

4. You need at least one clear photo of your outfit! But have fun with it too!


I haven’t seen the movie Wreck it Ralph! yet, but Vanellope is super cute and has made me want to see the movie.  From what I gather, Vanellope seems to be a pretty fantastic character, fun loving, supportive and a good friend to those around her.  Of course, she’s also tough and a tomboy, which makes her all the better!

SL Disney Bound – Week Fourteen - Vanellope Von Schweetz_001 SL Disney Bound – Week Fourteen - Vanellope Von Schweetz_002

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