Spread the Love Gacha Garden – meadowWorks, Painfully Divine & PRIME


The Spread the Love Gacha Garden will raise linden for PFLAG, an out of world organization that brings together and supports the families of the LGBT community through education and outreach.  For more information about PFLAG’s mission, please check out the website at:http://community.pflag.org/

The SLGBTA is focused on reaching out to create a network of business owners who not only stand behind the LGBT cause, but wish to be part of the professional community supporting it here in Second Life.

The SLGBT Alliance’s Mission is to raise money for a variety of LGBT-focused real life charities. Each event we will raise funds for a different charity, in an effort to make the biggest difference to groups world-wide.  Along with raising money, your support will help raise awareness in all worlds of the unity, pride and commitment this community is capable of.   For more information about the event visit http://slgbta.wordpress.com/

When I first heard about this event I was really excited to participate in any way I could.  It always amazes me to see groups come together for a good cause and to support charities that need assistance.  Without support, these organizations would not exist, every dollar counts!

In the furniture and home decorations realm meadowWorks, Painfully Divine and PRIME have you covered.

I have a fascination with neon lights.  They’re bright, they’re coloiurful, they’re unique and the science behind them is pretty cool.  meadowWorks is offering the Vintage Lights collection for The Spread the Love Gacha Garden.  The Vintage Lights are neon and salvage marque, with richly detailed mesh, on and off bling, sound and are fully mod (great for colour changes etc.).  There are 12 Vintage Lights to collect, with 4 being rare.  I guess you know what I’ll be doing, collecting them all!

SLGDTA - meadowWorks - Vintage Lights_001 SLGDTA - meadowWorks - Vintage Lights_002 SLGDTA - meadowWorks - Vintage Lights_003From Painfully Divine comes some extremely sophisticated and inspirational furniture pieces.  The Crate Stool collection comes in 7 textures and each stool includes 3 female and 3 male sits.  Six of the crates are more common with the Pride Stool (pictured in the middle) being rare.

SLGDTA - Painfully Devine - Crate StoolAnd from Prime comes the Art Deco Living Room Furniture collection.  The collection is in spring 2014 trend colours and will be sold exclusively at The Spread the Love Gacha Garden event.  The Vanilla, Mint and Berry Armchairs feature feminine, masculine and androgynous sits, and the Vanilla, Mint and Berry Loveseats feature lesbian, gay or straight cuddles.  As with all gacha events, some items are rare, while others are more common.

SLGDTA - Prime_003SLGDTA - Prime_001 SLGDTA - Prime_002SLGDTA - Prime_004 SLGDTA - Prime_005 SLGDTA - Prime_006 SLGDTA - Prime_007 SLGDTA - Prime_008


Neon Signs: meadowWorks | Vintage Lights | Available at Spread the Love Gacha Garden
Stools: Painfully Divine | Crate Stool | Available at Spread the Love Gacha Garden
Furniture: PRIME | Art Deco Living Room Furniture collection | Available at Spread the Love Gacha Garden

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