StarFyre Angels Designs – Holiday Sweets and Treats Fair

Holiday_Sweets_and_Treats_FairHavendale Village’s Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair runs from December 1st until December 31st.  This is a family friendly fair on a family sim, where teens and children are welcome to visit and role-play.  Not only will there be adult items available on offer, but also child and family.  Areas will be split between a “child & family” area and a “grown up” area. The child & family area is for kid’s stores and more general rated stores. The grown up area will be for stores with more for the parents in the family.  Start your Christmas gift shopping early!

How about some perfect dress outfits for the holiday season?  Or how about some sultry outfits for your holiday evenings.  If either of these or both of these sound good to you, then make sure to visit StarFyre Angels Designs at the Holiday Sweets and Treats Fair.  In the realm of dress outfits, StarFyre Angels Designs is offering the Belle Starr Dress, The Retro Christmas Orchid Dress, and the Whistler outfit.  The Belle Star Dress is a is a festive dress featuring flowing sleeves and skirt in black and red.  The Retro Christmas Orchid Dress is a classic 50’s style dress, modernized with a fantastic belt and orchid flower on the arm.  And the Whistler Outfit is the complete package including hat, blazer, trousers and purse.

For a little more fire this holiday season, StarFyre Angels Designs is offering two simply sweet outfits.  The Holiday Wish Lingerie set features a cute little top, panties and a festive Santa hat.  The Satin Love outfit is pure frills and screams comfy night in front of the fire with the ones you love!

StarFyre Angels Designs - HSTF - Belle Starr Dress StarFyre Angels Designs - HSTF - Retro Christmas Orchid StarFyre Angels Designs - HSTF - Whistler StarFyre Angels Designs - HSTF - Holiday Wish StarFyre Angels Designs - HSTF - Holiday Wish1 StarFyre Angels Designs - HSTF - Satin Love


Skin: Belleza | Delaney
Shape: Anna Shapes | Delora
Hair: Wasabi Pills | Melissa | Pancake
Clothing:  StarFyre Angels Designs | As Listed Above | Available at The Holiday Sweets and Treats Fair
Hands & Feet: SLINK
Poses: !bang

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