The Boats & Bikinis Expo – ~*~Inspired~*~

Boats and Bikinis

Need something exciting to do this weekend?  Well why not check out the Boats & Bikinis Expo?  Running from Thursday July 25 – Wednesday July enjoy a  special shopping trip along the French Riviera, featuring huge water displays from three of Second Life’s top boat designers, as well as 20+ of your favorite fashion and home furnishing stores!  Included in this fabulous shopping display is an amazing hunt, with prizes from every vendor–absolutely FREE!

Be sun smart!  At least that’s what I was told as a kid (did I ever listen, of course not).  How better to be sun smart than spending afternoons on the beach under a large umbrella.  ~*~Inspired~*~ is allowing you to do just that with the Beach Towel Rezzer.  The Beach Towel Rezzer V.3 is tucked into a fashionable little tote you can toss out onto the sand and get into the sun.

Boat & Bikini Expo - Inspired - Beach Towel Tote Rezzer Boat & Bikini Expo - Inspired - Beach Towel Tote Rezzer2 Boat & Bikini Expo - Inspired - Beach Towel Tote Rezzer3



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