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The Kollective Home & Garden Event starts September 1st, and it’s going to be an exciting round!  This round will be a little different, with a focus on Home & Garden, but with the same great theme!

THE KOLLECTIVE was created with Collaborations in “MIND”
Designer and Bloggers will be paired for each cycle of THE KOLLECTIVE. Designers will create a new exclusive design for THE KOLLECTIVE inspired by their partnered Blogger. Bloggers will then Blog and review the inspired design featuring their partnership with the designer. We are hoping this collaboration and partnership between blogger and designer will deepen the relationship between blogger and designer as well as provide the public with a Singular shopping opportunity.


People often talk about how much they are like or unlike their SL AVI in appearance.  I admit, my regular AVI is pretty spot on to my RL, however my dress and loves/hates are quite dissimilar.  In RL, I’m not an incredibly girlie girl.  Yes, I do my hair and yes I wear girlie clothing, however I tend to stick pretty much with business attire.  In SL, I can explore my girlie side and pick out the most frilly girlie things I can find.  The same applies to furniture and decoration.  In RL, I’m quite utilitarian, but in SL, I like fancy, funky, and girlie.  Things in SL tickle my fancy far more than in RL.

I have to admit though, when I saw the LDG offering for this round of The Kollective, my SL and RL heart(s) skipped a beat.  The Vanity Antique Sewing Table is basically a re-purposed item used as a dressing table.  I mean, hello?  How cute is that?  The Vanity comes in Dark Brown and Light, with each version having the ability to change the lace (two colour options), the table top (two colours options) and the iron (four colours options).  Additionally, LDG is offering Which Colors for Today, a 12 coloured bottle set for decorating your new vanity, and the Hair Brush and Lipstick Decoration.  Yep, this will be a permanent addition to my home!

The Kollective - LDG


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