The Outlet – CandyMetal – ToTo Pitillos Unisex Jeans

Something new, something fun!  The Outlet Sales Room brings together 25 designers every two weeks with some absolutely fantastic merchandise for sale.  For the next round we have…

What does it take to be domestic?  I ask myself this question on a regular basis.  Does it mean you can cook up a storm?  Bake the perfect cake?  Keep the most immaculate house?  Well, it very well could be all of those things and more.  One thing that’s certain, I’m not domestic in the least.  I burn water, my cakes come out flat, and my home is far from immaculate.  Instead of stressing about it, I decided to hire some domestic assistance, instead of faking it, as I was never going to make it.  My dinner’s are made, my cakes are perfect and my house, I can’t even begin to describe how nice it is to always have clean sheets, sparkling toilets and no cat hair on the carpet (the kitties see this as a challenge now – let’s see how much we can shed to drive the poor housekeeper insane.  Did I mention one of them likes to ride on the vacuum cleaner?  No?  Another time then.

Now that I have some domestic help, I have a bit more time to do fun things like blog.  I’ve recently discovered CandyMetal through The Outlet Sales Room, and let me tell you my friends, you’re missing out if you haven’t had the opportunity to see their designs.  The ToTo Pitillos Unisex Jeans are absolutely to die for.  Yes yes, I’m not a jeans girl, but I think I’m slowly being converted.  This set comes in 6 fun colours, and they fit like a glove.  Maybe I need to buy some cute tops to match…hmmm, yes yes, another excuse to shop!

CandyMetal - ToTo Pitillos Black CandyMetal - ToTo Pitillos Blue CandyMetal - ToTo Pitillos Brown CandyMetal - ToTo Pitillos Grey CandyMetal - ToTo Pitillos Purple CandyMetal - ToTo Pitillos Red



Shape: Belissima | Tara | Normal 1
Skin:  Curio (Gala Phoenix) | Bean [Dark] Party Girl-Bubbly 1
Makeup: Mock Cosmetics | Sweet Coral Lipstain 2 | Lip Only
Hair: Elikatira | With | Black 04
Bottons: CandyMetal | ToTo Pitillos Unisex Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Purple, Red
Top: 1 Hundred | Heatwave Top Ruffle | White (The Outlet Gift)
Location: Image Essentials

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