The Outlet Sales – Senzafine – Audra Winter Coat

Something new, something fun!  The Outlet Sales Room brings together 25 designers every two weeks with some absolutely fantastic merchandise for sale.  For round 9 we have…

One of the best things about winter, if I had to choose one, is stylish winter coats.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Synjari Myriam, the creative mastermind behind Senzafine.  Her and I had a riot talking about whether villains are really villains or just misunderstood.  Sometimes it’s fun to just be silly, and I have to admit Synjari and I were completely and totally silly.  She’s a one of of a kind type of person and an amazingly fun (she played along with my insanity, that says a lot for someone in my books).  Needless to say, I was also incredibly impressed with her offering for The Outlet.  The Audra Winter Coat collection comes in 3 colours (more available at the main store), Wine, Apline and Steel, and are beyond amazing even for those of us that aren’t quite villains yet.  Be sure to pop over to The Outlet, as each of the Winter Coats are currently on sale for a limited time!

Alpine Credits:

Skin: Curio (Gala Phoenix) | Sundust Frex (Light) | Party Girl | Midnight 2
Shape: Belissima | Joli | Normal 1
Eyes: MADesigns | Nature | Ocean Deep
Hair: Exile | Betty Lou | Flash
Jewelery: Sunshine Diamonds | Harare  Earrings and Necklace
Jacket: Senzafine | Audra Winter Coat | Alpine (For The Outlet)
Pants: Greymoon | Fading Stripes Dress Pants | Black (For The Outlet)
Shoes:  *Mary Jane Shoes* | Delusional | Brights/Black
Location: Room 326 Hunt by MadPea
Poses:  Glitterati

Senzafine_001 Senzafine_003 Senzafine_004

Steel Credits:

Skin: Curio (Gala Phoenix) | Sundust Frex (Dark) | Party Girl | Bubbly 2
Shape: Belissima | Leticia | Normal 1
Eyes: MADesigns | Nature | Ocean Deep
Hair: Elikatira | With | Brown 08
Jewelery: Alienbear Designs | NX Dark Earring and Necklace
Outfit: Senzafine | Audra Winter Coat | Steel (For The Outlet)
Shoes: Grumble | Heart Heel Pumps | Red
Location: [[ Carn’evil ]]::  Carnival home of CatniP and Love Zombies
Poses:  Glitterati

Senzafine - Steel_001 Senzafine - Steell_002 Senzafine - Steel_003

Wine Credits:

Skin: Curio (Gala Phoenix) | Petal (Light) | Party Girl | Bubbly 2
Shape: Belissima | Lua | Normal 1
Eyes: MADesigns | Promise | Green 5
Hair: Elikatira | Breathe | Red 08
Jacket: Senzafine | Audra Winter Coat | Steel (For The Outlet)
Pants: Phoenix Rising | Maddy Ribbed Pants | Slate
Shoes: Grumble | Kicker Boots | Black
Location: Image Essentials
Poses:  Glitterati

Senzafine - Wine_001 Senzafine - Wine_002 Senzafine - Wine_003

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  1. Tigist Sapphire says:

    Of course, I had to miss the shoes you liked! hehehe So sorry about that, they really are fantastic! They’re from Shoes: *Mary Jane Shoes*. The product name is Delusional and they are Bright/Black style. The SLURL is and if you enter the store turn around and go to your right. There’s a big display with the different options. They have a colour changer hud, I used one of the preset greens. Good luck!

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