The Theme Park Round 4 – Coquet

Theme Park Logo SquareYou know what I love about new events?  NEW EVENTS!  Ok ok, I kid, what I really love about new events is getting exposed to amazing new designers that I normally wouldn’t have a chance to discover.  The believe this is the mantra firmly entrenched with the creators of The Theme Park.  This invitation only event features designers hand-selected for their quality and commitment to Second Life Design.  All items will be new and exclusive to The Theme Park during the event (they may be resold at the designers’ discretion after each round). The event opens on the 15th of each month, and each themed round will run for three weeks.

If I keep telling myself and writing about spring arriving, maybe it will actually happen.  Unfortunately, living in Northern Canada, there is no guarantee of spring, ever.  While a lot of people are enjoying mild warm temperatures, we’ve been under snow storm after snow storm.  As a matter of fact, forecasts are calling for 15-20cms of snow to land today.  Mother Nature, you’re drunk, go home.  At least I have some amazing offerings that will take my mind off of the snow, and make you happy!  For this round of The Theme Park, Coquet is offering the Athena Dress.  This sultry and sexy dress comes in standard mesh sizes, and features a texture changing hud allowing for 4 different colours.  The smile this outfit will bring to your face and to anyone who sees you in it will be priceless.

From the amazing minds of Uncertain Smile comes the Red Assassin Pose and Prop set.  I love this set, as it’s totally sexy and perfect for any photo-shoot you do that you want a bit of an edge.  If you’re in the market for stunning poses and props, look no further than Uncertain Smile.

And last, but not least from [dirty.little.secret] comes a plethora of items to decorate and add pizazz to your space. First for Grenade Free Weekends comes the Botanicals Skybox.  This skybox is amazing and comes complete with furniture.  Not only that but it’s on sale through to Sunday.  In addition to the Botanicals Skybox comes the Fantasy Floating Island.  The set is available as the LIBH Hunt Prize and is a total must have for your decorating adventures!

The Theme Park - Coquet (Athena Dress)_001 The Theme Park - Coquet (Athena Dress)_002 The Theme Park - Coquet (Athena Dress)_003 The Theme Park - Coquet (Athena Dress)_004 Dirty.Little Dirty.Little.Secret - Bontanicals Skybox_002 Dirty.Little.Secret - Bontanicals Skybox_003 Dirty.Little.Secret - Bontanicals Skybox_004 Dirty.Little.Secret - Floating Island_001 Dirty.Little.Secret - Floating Island_002 Dirty.Little.Secret - Floating Island_003


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Anais | Exquisite Fair Creme| Cleavage
Shape: Anna Shapes | Christie | Available at Designer Circle – Round 77
Hair: Tameless Hair | Kaylana
Dress: Coquet | Athena Dress | Available at The Theme Park. 
Hands: SLINK
Nails: ~{ZOZ}~ | Dark Spring Solids Polish | Available at the Spring Break Fair
Poses & Props: Uncertain Smile | Red Assassin
Skyboxes: [dirty.little.secret] | As Listed Above

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