Twisted Color Challenge: Week 2 – Pinky and the Brain

This challenge is a little different, and I’m very hopeful about it!

The Twisted Color Challenge is pretty simple, each week, for 52 weeks a new set of colors will be introducted.  These colors are to be used to create a look and share that look with the entire class!  The colors swatches will be available every Sunday and chances are the pictures will be posted very shortly after that in the flickr group.  Thank you to Sookie Triellis for making this happen, enjoy!

Week 2: Pinky and the Brain  Week 2

Twisted Color Challenge - Week 2 Twisted Color Challenge - Week 2_004 Twisted Color Challenge - Week 2_005


Hair:  D!va | Zaara | Cat’s eye
Hair Jewelery: qbee | Pearl Hairpin
Makeup: Mock Cosmetics | Makeover | Caramel Peach (eye/lipcolor)
Outfit: Black Cat Bones | Laakao Snjor | Peach
Location: Image Essentials

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