Twisted Color Challenge – Weeks 12, 13 and 14

This challenge is a little different, and I’m very hopeful about it!

The Twisted Color Challenge is pretty simple, each week, for 52 weeks a new set of colors will be introducted.  These colors are to be used to create a look and share that look with the entire class!  The colors swatches will be available every Sunday and chances are the pictures will be posted very shortly after that in the flickr group.  Thank you to Sookie Triellis for making this happen, enjoy!

I’m behind again and I’m not quite sure how that happened.  I really hate that feeling!  At any rate, I’m mostly caught up now..

Week 12: Hemingway in the Sienna


Twisted Color Challenge - Week 12 - Hemmingway Raresienna

Week 13: Wearing Denim at the Spa


Twisted Color Challenge - Week 13 - Denim Homes Teadresortgreen

Week 14: Sangria’s Shadow

14-bleachedshadow-sangriaredTwisted Color Challenge - Week 14 - Bleached shadow sangriared



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