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under the sea

Need something exciting to do this week?  Well why not check out the Under The Sea Expo?  From June 20th – 26th: Imagine the ruins of Atlantis reborn and transformed into a thriving market! 26 designers bring a one-of-a-kind, mystical shopping experience from the depths of the Second Life Oceans.  The Lost City has been found, and adventure awaits!

SLUR:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hanalei/206/136/9
Website: http://sandseaandsecondlife.wordpress.com/

Ok, I’ve had a lot of breedable pets over the years, but I’ve never had a horse.  At the Under the Sea Expo, Amaretto Breedables is offering their beautiful horses, so I thought I’ll give this a try.  Be gentle, I’m really bad at keeping anything alive, real or virtual.

Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_001

So I snagged an Amaretto Breedable Horse Starter Pack.  After rezzing the pack, I found what appears to be all I will need to get me some baby horseys!  Food, Salt Licks and 4 magical hay bundles, that when clicked will birth 3 girl and 1 boy horseys (no they are not horses, they are horseys.  It’s my blog, I can call them what I want!)

Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_002

I have to admit, I was really excited to click these bundles to see what my new friends would look like.

Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_004 Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_003Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_006

1 horse, 2 horses, 3 horses, 4 horses! (man they are hard to photograph!)

Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_007

I’m a horse owner now!  This is pretty exciting.  I’ve decided to be like George Foreman and name them all the same.  From this point forward, my horses shall all be named….BOB!

Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_008_002

Under the Sea Expo - Amaretto Breedables_008_001** No horses were harmed in the making of this post.  No photo studios were harmed or dirtied during the making of this post.  Horses do not really talk or emote or make witty comments.**

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