Do you have those stores that you completely forget that you love until you get a group notice or decide to clean up your landmarks?  Such is the case for Wishbox.  I always forget how much I love their clothing, and then when I remember and visit the location, I spend and spend and spend.  Fortunately I didn’t have to spend too much to find the absolutely stunning group Christmas Gift – Charm in Blue.  It’s frilly and girlie upon first glance, until you remove the skirt and then vavavoom!  Hello Kitten, sweet kitten, purrr purr purr *giggles*.  This is definitely an outfit that goes from sweet to sexy in next to no time.  In truth, all of their outfits are very soft and feminine, with an added layer of seduction waiting to be discovered.  This go around, I’m going to stick with sweet, wouldn’t want to ruin my street cred after all, but I highly recommend taking a peak at the store for yourself!

Wishbox_002 Wishbox_003


Makeup: Alaskametro | limited edition | launch skin (dark)
Hair: Alice Project | Ruki (Bangless) | Christmas Blonde
Outfit: Wishbox | Charm (Blue) | Group Christmas Gift
Pose: Glitterati

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